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    We pride ourselves on our in house production process. Each and every Moop bag is designed and manufactured, start to finish, in our Pittsburgh studio. Our work ethic, philosophies on creative practice and building things from the ground up (products, businesses, lives..all of it from scratch) are why we choose to work the way we do. When Thread approached us and let us know about their idea to turn trash from Haiti into useful products and asked us to build bags with their fabric, we said, yes, of course.

    This Special Edition release of our Messenger no.1, our Paperback and our new Shopper no.1 utilize Thread’s fabric as the lining. Thread purchases plastic bottles ready to be turned into other good things from a network of citizen owned recycling centers in Haiti. These small businesses remove trash directly from the streets of Haiti and provide jobs and income to over 1,620 individuals. These bags help to make that happen.

    Choose either our Messenger no.1, our Paperback or our newest Shopper no.1. Make your selection from the drop down menu above.

    Generally, these bags will hold the below illustrated items plus the typical things that float around a well used bag like your wallet, phone, keys, electronics, etc:

    • “Messenger” bag=
    • ““Paperback”
    • ““Tote”
    1 front exterior zipper pocket
    1 back exterior slip pocket
    2 interior slip pockets
    1 interior zipper pocket
    removable/adjustable strap
    Leather detail
    13.5 x 8.5 when folded and carried as a small messenger
    13.5 x 11.5 when unfolded and carried like a small tote
    8 bottles were used to make the lining of this bag


    2 front exterior slip pockets
    1 exterior magazine pocket
    2 interior slip pockets
    2 pencil slips
    1 interior zipper pocket
    key clip
    adjustable strap
    leather free
    16 bottles were used to make the lining of this bag


  • Color:
    Tan Waxed Canvas lined in Thread™ green recycled plastic bottle fabric

    Made with Martexin® waxed canvas - a 100% cotton canvas with a highly water resistant coating. Waxed canvas was originally developed for long shore fishermen, to keep them warm and dry. Martexin® is a 7th generation, family owned and operated, US based manufacturer of quality fabrics.

    Lined in Thread™, 100% post-consumer recycled plastic fabric. Thread™ fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles collected in Haiti and turned into durable fabrics, woven in the United States. Thread believes in materials that are responsible from Ground to Good™. You can read more about their practice as social entrepreneurs by visiting their website:

    Horween® Leather

    Click here for more details on our fabrics

    Deciding on which size Moop bag to get? Here's a handy size chart to help.

    Moop® bags are designed and manufactured in Pittsburgh, PA

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