Hiiiii!!!!! WE'RE BACK! click here to read how we are re-opening. xoxoxo!!


Ethically manufactured, female owned, designed for daily use. est. 2007

Small batch made in downtown Pittsburgh, every weekday for 14 years. Beginning July 2021, we'll be made in Seattle!

Waxed canvas bags, plus all the things to fill them with from desk top supplies, to cocktail coasters, to clean beauty products.

Blog posts

We're BACK!

Hey there, I’m BACK! The last time I wrote you I was just closing down the Pittsburgh location and starting to pack ...

Follow the Seattle stories here!

  Hello! We have been very active over on Instagram. Posting daily updates, photos, challenges, solutions, daydreams ...

We are MOVING!

  Hello! This is very very long!! Grab your seltzer or coffee or cocktail as I talk in depth about the reality of a ...

The Minimalists Apothecary

We are minimalists in so many aspects of our life. But no where more so than with our self care.  Clean beauty products for low maintenance self care.

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Thermoses and coffee mugs

We carry water and or coffee with us everywhere. Reusable, environmentally friendly, keeps our drinks super hot and super cold. These thermoses fit perfectly inside each of our bags.

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