studio practice

Monday re-run

 Here's that fantastic video Moosehead did about Moop.  Many of you have already seen it but, I can't believe this wa...

An audio Interview

  In February I wrote about the fantastic entrepreneurial resource put together by Jen & Omar from These Are T...

The Belt

I am really proud to be featured among so many great rust belt businesses in this new article on The Belt.  There a...

Empowerment, The Market Bag and Etsy

I was listening to a recent episode of This American Life on my way home from work yesterday. Its focus is on Give D...

The Moop Doodler

  We recently added an exciting person to the Moop team - a Moop Doodler!  He's been drawing all sorts of fantastic ...

How To Do It!

I receive emails all.the.time from people looking for business advice. If it seems right, I’ll engage and share wh...


A quick peek into Moop HQ - here's Gena working on some linings.  Hope you're off to a super great weekend! xxo, Wendy


I have a long commute into my studio each day. It's the trade off for choosing to live where I do and wanting to keep...
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