Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large

Product image 1Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 2Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 3Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 4Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 5Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 6Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 7Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 8Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 9Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 10Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 11Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 12Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large
Product image 13Tiny Zip Pouch no.1 - large

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A big zip pouch perfect for use as a toiletries case, cosmetics bag, a bag to fill with everything you want when you switch from bag to bag or as a place to stash your small stuff like bike tools, phones, wallet, keys, guitar pedals, cords and cables, pencils, make up..so many potentials!

10" wide x 7" tall x 2" deep

This batch is made from water resistant waxed canvas, in a rotating variety of colors based on the scrap we produce in our studio.  Current colors are shown. Zippers may vary from photos as these are all stitched from scrap and overstock materials from our studio.

One of our core driving principles at Moop is the labor behind our bags, which is why we are always photographing and talking about the production process via our social media feeds. I have long held that everything around us is handmade, it is just more often than not made by hands that are underpaid, undervalued and made to be invisible. As we have grown, more and more people reach out to us for advice or consult for their own endeavors and while most of the time I don’t have the time to donate, this time I made time. These little pouches are stitched in Pittsburgh from the scrap cuts of our main bag production. We teamed up with a local organization offering transitional housing, job training and recovery services for individuals and families whose home and work lives have been in jeopardy or non-existent due to homelessness, joblessness, incarceration, immigration or drug abuse. We feel very lucky to have contributed to the growth of this job skills training project and are excited to see how their capabilities evolve over time.

We release new runs about every 6 weeks and they sell out quickly! Pick one up while you can! Colors will change based on availability as they are all cut from scraps and overstock hardware and will be slightly different with each release.  

Our Fabrics

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We purchase high quality fabrics from trusted, USA based sources.  Our years of manufacturing and carrying our bags have helped us hone in on what works best for our bags and holds up to daily use.  Here's what we are currently using:


Waxed Canvas

100% cotton canvas has wax integrated into the fibers during the weaving process and finished with a top coat of wax for added water resistance.  Waxed canvas has a distressed look that will age and change over time.  We source ours from a 7th generation family owned and operated manufacturer, an industry leader in coated fabrics.  Waxed canvas was originally developed in the late 1800's for long shore fishermen who needed to stay warm and dry.  We like that legacy.
Water resistance: High


Water Resistant Canvas

100% cotton canvas.  Much like waxed canvas, a water resistant coating is integrated into the fibers during the weaving process but, there is no top coat wax finish.  This results in a surface that is only slightly distressed and will look the same, day in and day out.  It has a water resistant coating which makes it extremely durable and able to withstand the elements, keeping the contents of your bag dry.
Water resistance: High


Corded Canvas

100% cotton canvas with a corded weave.  Corded canvas is similar to corduroy only it has no pile, does not pill and breaks in like your favorite denim.  Corded canvas has not been treated with any water resistant coatings.
Water Resistance: low


Brushed Canvas

100% cotton canvas with a slightly brushed surface. Soft to the touch. Our brushed canvas has not been treated with any water resistant coatings.
Water resistance: low



Cordura® is a high performance, highly water resistant fabric.  It is light weight, extremely durable and will not absorb water.  We use Cordura® brand nylon which is all made in the USA.
Water Resistance: High



Our leather comes from a handmade shoe manufacturer in upstate New York.  We have partnered with them to upcycle their scraps when we can.  The leather detailing may have marks and scars due to this process but, it will never lose structural integrity.  Leather hides are sourced from Horween, the famous Chicago tannery founded in 1905.

Our full leather bags are made from leather we custom designed, from color to finish with a small family owned and operated tannery based in Los Angeles, CA. We had the aging process in mind with this leather. It will break in and age for each person in a slightly different way, carrying the marks of your daily life as it builds character.


Wool Felt

Our wool felt is a dense industrial wool felt. 100% merino. German milled and dyed. Felt is shock absorbent and water resistant. Sourced from our friends at FilzFelt.

Sizing Chart

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Every current Moop bag in size order, largest to smallest.
{actually, this is a little out of date}
{the Backpack no.2 and the no.3 go between
The Smaller Weekender and The Porter,
they're pretty good sized backpacks!}
{and those cute Tiny Zip Pouches
go at the veery end. They're little guys}

waxed canvas bags size chart

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