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About Our Studio2020

Moop bags are designed and hand manufactured, start to finish, in our downtown Pittsburgh, PA storefront. 
We are female owned and committed to small batch manufacturing.
We are a small and talented team, designing, making, packing and shipping each and every Moop bag.
We seek out quality materials from time tested manufacturers to ensure our bags will hold up to daily use. 
We are the mindful labor behind every Moop bag and are firm believers in concise, durable, well crafted design.
We love the maker’s life and are constantly looking for ways to be more connected to the people who make the things we love.
We support small independent businesses who work hard to do what they love and find ourselves akin to the same practice.
You will find us in the studio every day sewing, making, designing and sharing our experience via our blog.
We have worked hard to establish a business that is always looking to improve and grow.
We hold thoughtful design and product integrity to be among our achievements.

Visit our retail store where you can see our bags being made right in the shop. 
We are open M-F, 9-6 (most of the time)

Est. 2007

You can listen to an audio interview with Wendy, owner/designer/manufacturer, here and watch a video, here and read two of her favorite blog posts about making things for a living, here and here.

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