Who we are


What if your bag could go with you everywhere. What if your bag worked with almost everything you own. What if your bag could carry your laptop or act as your diaper bag or be your overnight rendezvous bag or hold your filing cabinet of receipts or accompany you to the lake or on your back as you commute by bike.
Our bags will do all of those things for you.  
What if your bag also came with an ethical backing you believed so strongly in, it helped you to reach your own personal goals. What if you were so inspired by the bag you carry and people who made it, you made yourself work harder to achieve those goals. Moop makes, beautiful, minimal, waxed canvas bags. Designed and hand manufactured, start to finish, in our Pittsburgh studio by a small team of talented artists and makers. Our bags are inspiring because the company that makes them was built from nothing, by one woman, who was motivated to build a business to support herself and her family. She has since grown to support a small team of amazing humans who help her build these bags, day in and day out.
Our bags will make you happier to do the things you do.