We collaborated with local Pittsburgh artist, Jesse Caggiano and printer, Dave Kaule to illustrate and print a line of small pocketbooks.  We love modern technology but, we also believe in the act of writing ideas down...keeping notes...remarking on the things around you via doodles and notes and clippings and lists and things we don't want to forget. These little books will fit in your back pocket or in the pocket of any of our bags.  Keep them with you and start taking more notes! 

Jesse lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. He designs and illustrates and plays too much wiffle ball.  He also works at Moop, making all of our doodles and illustrations and as a production assistant, cutting piece after piece of fabric.  www.jessecaggiano.com

Dave lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. He manages an offset printshop and coordinated the production and printing of these notebooks.  He hand assembled each and every book in this edition.  He can also be found running Troika Skateboards and being an all around great dude.


Set of 3 notebooks
3 1/2" X 4 7/8"
These small pocketbooks were offset printed and hand assembled in Pittsburgh, PA
Illustrations are based on images from scenes around our studio and photoshoots.

shipped via USPS envelope, unless combined with a bag order.





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