NPR nerd

May 21, 2015

If you are an NPR nerd like I am…and like the way I turn everyone who works at Moop into one…then you should definitely listen to yesterdays Terry Gross interview. She was interviewed by the comedian Marc Maron and it is quite possibly the most charming and funny NPR interview ever..don’t read the transcript…listen to it! The humor is in each of their deliveries. Have a great day! xoxo Wendy & co. Continue Reading →

daily ritual

May 20, 2015

My days begin at the cutting table, with a pick list and my pattern book, laying out the production schedule for the day. I do this with coffee before everyone’s a very focused and quiet part of my day. I like how calming the daily ritual of this practice is. #inprocess #studiopractice #moopbags#madeinpittsburgh #dailyritual instagram: @moopshop Continue Reading →