September 27, 2014

This week has been filled with so many emotions of change and adjustment.  We left behind the studio we worked so hard to build out three years ago...the one we thought we would never move into the most beautiful studio we've ever worked in.  So much hard labor went into making it this way and I am forever thankful to Jeremy who made it all happen and for letting me be his assistant while we worked on refinishing the space.  I want to say we will never leave here but, I've learned, trusting permanence is not a smart thing to do.  Things change, commitments change, people change, locations change...our lives are filled with change.  For now, I'm focusing on the... Continue Reading →


September 19, 2014

Good Morning, Friday! Today is our last day producing in our current space! We're looking forward to this relocation and can't wait to share the new studio with you (it's beautiful). And, for those of you interested, I did an interview with Paul Blais of Doubt the Doubts podcast. If you have an hour and want to listen you can download it here: a great Friday!xoxo,Wendy   Continue Reading →