Door signage!

November 25, 2014

Jesse hung our door signage yesterday and it looks so good! While we are not a retail store, we love having visitors to our studio.  And, since we've been on The North Side, we've had customers coming by on a daily basis...which is awesome.  So, if you're here or just visiting here, come by!  We'd love to have you! Continue Reading →

An article about Moop!!

November 15, 2014

I cannot even begin to describe the avalanche of crazy that has happened in my life in the last three months.  More has been served up to me than I ever thought I could manage...but, I'm holding it together (might have cried when the UPS driver arrived suuuper late yesterday so maybe not as well as I think but, you can't win them all).  This avalanche has been a mix of good and bad...bringing me to the extremes of both.  One of the really exciting things was a series of meetings and interviews I did with John Tierney and Deb Fallows from The Atlantic.  I wrote about the first mention a few weeks ago here but, this article is about Moop!... Continue Reading →