August 27, 2014

I am often immersed in a world of much larger than me, small businesses.  The US Gov’t defines a small business as less than 200 employees - that is a lot of employees!  That means you are dealing with a lot of volume, cash flow, materials, data, clients, customers, etc.  That kind of business is huge to me.  Moop is a business that employs three other people, besides myself.  The four of us together can accomplish a lot.  We make a lot of bags, every day of the week.  The work is repetitive and labor intensive but, it results in really well made bags - bags that you’ll want to carry every day.  I know this because I carry our... Continue Reading →

Summer photoshoots

August 22, 2014

Last weekend we had a late summer photoshoot at my house.  Almost everyone from Moop was able to come up for it plus a few friends.  I made a bunch of food, set the scene in between our gardens and everyone brought their tents so we could campout around the bonfire when we were done photographing.  It was the most fun I've had in quite a long time and resulted in the most beautiful images.  I'm currently editing the photos and really looking forward to sharing them with you! Hope you're off to a great great's our last one before school starts and I'm filled with mixed emotions.  I always wish summer were longer.  Even though I am a full... Continue Reading →