Cyber Monday

November 30, 2015

 Our holiday sale goes through today, Cyber Monday. Use this as your opportunity to get orders placed early! The earlier you get them in, the more likely we can guarantee holiday delivery. It is unlikely we’ll be offering any other sales this holiday season so use the code: MOOPHOLIDAY for 10% off your entire order. Continue Reading →

Small Business Saturday + businesses I love

November 28, 2015

Morning! Hope you all have had a nice few days! We took from Wednesday night to this morning off from the studio. We’ve been spending it with friends and family and taking the time to just relax. It’s been so so great.This weekend begins the most labor intensive four weeks of the year and now it’s time to get back to work, stitching and stitching. I’ll be in the studio every day until xmas eve. But, here's a few things about that: I love my new studio, I'm really excited about our new bags and I love this time of year.  So, it's going to be great.  If you’re in Pittsburgh, feel free to give me a call if you... Continue Reading →