August 18, 2015

Yesterday morning I was sitting by this lake in Vermont waiting to pick up Parker from her farming I'm back in Pittsburgh in the new studio, working to get back up and running by tomorrow. It has been a fantastic adventure this summer. p.s. Wednesday morning update: we are not up and running yet! Tuesday was met with water all over the inside of our studio...Monday night's rain storm was more than the roof could handle. So, the day was spent cleaning up, making repairs and not being able to sew. Please bear with us!  We are doing our best to make this transition as smooth as possible!  Continue Reading →

we moved!

August 14, 2015

Hello, Friday! We moved our studio this week!  Please bear with us while we make this transition. It was rather quick but, there was an opportunity that I wanted to act, I did! No sense staying somewhere you're not completely happy - a philosophy that has become a driving force in my life in the last year and a half. If you need to make a change, make a change..apply that to all parts of your life and you'll be a much happier person. And, if there's an opportunity that requires action, just DO IT!  We should be back up and running early next week. I'll update with photos and long soliloquies about the importance of space then. Love you! Wendy... Continue Reading →