Fabric use & care




Waxed canvas and water resistant bags are not machine washable or dry cleanable. It is best to simply hose it off with cold water.  Seriously! Hose it down!  One of the great features of waxed canvas is the patina it will form with use, concealing much of the daily wear and tear that happens to things we use day in and day out. It will have an aging process much like good denim. But, like anything, it will not do well with stains like coffee, wine or ink...unfortunately those are stubborn substances that will stain any material. As well, use common sense when pairing light colored bags with dark jeans...indigo inks can rub off so be sure to wear your bag a bit higher on your body rather than right on your hip where your jeans may rub.

If you feel like you must use soap, use something mild, like a castile soap, just know that it will likely take the wax finish off and you may need to rewax your bag. You may not have to...depends on each bag individually. We sell re-waxing and cleaning supplies here.  You will need to be patient with the process of rewaxing...it is a slow and steady, time consuming process, but one that yields great results.

And remember, it's okay to be a bit dirty!  We take that as a sign of a life well lived and a bag well used.