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Frequently Asked Questions



I love what you do, how can I find out more about Moop?

Thanks! We love what we do, too! You can read all about us, our process and new stuff on our blog

I love all the photos on your site, who took them?

Thank you! Most of the photos were taken by Wendy, owner/founder. She does all of our product photography, all of our work with models and all of the landscape scenery shown throughout the site. Western Pennsylvania is a beautiful place. Most of the landscape images were taken in her backyard, the surrounding forests in the region or in the city of Pittsburgh. If you're traveling to the area, get in touch and she'll recommend a few great places to go.  Occasionally we work with talented local photographers..those are usually announced with blog posts and all over instagram (follow us! @moopshop)

Where can I find your Store Policies?

Our Store Policies can be found by clicking here.

Are Moop bags ready to ship?

Absolutely, we try to keep every bag in every color in stock and ready to ship within 3-5 business days. We will let you know right away if there is any delay in your order.

How much is shipping?

We offer $15 flat rate shipping to the domestic United States via UPS Ground service.  Expedited shipping is available and is calculated upon checkout.  Please note, expedited shipping expedites only the shipping service, not our order turnaround.

POBoxes, APOBoxes, Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

a detailed shipping breakdown can be found on our Store Policies page, about half way down the page.

I live in a beautiful country far from the United States…do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!

Shipping to Canada is as follows:

Canadian orders are shipped via USPS International Priority Mail (with tracking and once shipped, approximately 7-10 days in transit) or USPS International First Class (a less reliable method but, one you may choose). 
Shipping rates are calculated based on location and are approximately $10-40USD, depending on the items ordered and your location.  Your local taxes will be due upon receipt, just as if you had purchased something down the street from your house.
Because Moop bags are handmade in our United States studio, our items fall under NAFTA so you should not have customs fees due upon receipt.

Shipping to the rest of the world:

If you are in any of the other lovely countries of the world, we ship via USPS International Priority Mail (with tracking and once shipped, approximately 10-14 days in transit). 
Shipping rates are calculated based on location and are approximately $30-60USD depending on where in the world you are.

All import/customs charges/taxes/duties/etc are the responsibility of the customer.

I live in Pittsburgh (or very near PGH), can I pick my order up?

Yes! Simply place your order on our website, then follow up with an email letting us know you would like to pick up your order and we will refund the shipping charges.  Our email: info@moopshop.com  or give us a call: 412-315-7356 (you can also purchase directly in our studio, by appointment, just give us a call)

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Of course! You can read our policies here on our Store Policies page.

I have a Moop bag and I mistakenly set it down in something gross, how would you recommend washing it?

Waxed Canvas bags are not machine washable or dryable or dry cleanable. 

All of our brushed canvas or corded canvas bags are machine washable.

: machine wash separately in a regular cold wash
: dry on a regular cycle
: it may need an ironing, so go ahead and iron it…just be sure to not let the iron touch the zipper or the logo or they will melt all over your iron and Moop does not replace irons.
: these are suggested washing instructions (which we have tried over and over), individual results may vary…Moop makes no guarantees.  

Please note:
Waxed canvas and water resistant bags are not machine washable or dry cleanable. It is best to simply hose it off with cold water.  Seriously! Hose it down! Again, no guarantees. 

And remember, it's okay to be a bit dirty!  We take that as a sign of a life well lived and a bag well used.

Do you offer wholesale or work on a consignment basis?

We do offer our bags to the wholesale market. Send us an inquiry with details about your shop, other brands you carry and photos of your store. We will reply if we think it is a good fit for our brand.

email: info@moopshop.com

We also work with large order corporate clients on a case by case basis.  If you have a fabulous shop or are an interesting company with an idea for a special order, get in touch and we’ll consider your request (we are capable of fairly large volume orders.  For instance..we've done custom work for Apple, as well as a handful of smaller companies). Simply email:info@moopshop.com

We do not work on a consignment basis.

Oh! Custom orders…do you take individual custom orders?

We do not take on individual custom bag orders.  Let’s say you wanted to specially request 10 bags at one time made from materials we are currently working with and we had said materials on hand and they did not look bad together, then we might consider a custom order. We will politely decline all other requests.   

What about trades - do you do trades?

No.  Feel free to inquire, but we will will likely not respond...remember, we have employees and we cannot pay them with trades.  

I love Moop bags and would love to show my appreciation for your hard work by sending you some treats. Can I do that?

Absolutely, we like chocolate cake with raspberries and a light whipped cream type frosting. Oh, you like to bake cookies? Well, if you must, Molasses. We feel pretty confident that a Molasses cookie with just about every meal will make you a much happier person. We accept packages with cake and molasses cookies at this address:

Moop LLC
429 1st Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

studio phone:
(we just moved and have not set up a phoneline. email us!)