Otter Wax Canvas Refresher Kit

Product image 1Otter Wax Canvas Refresher Kit
Product image 2Otter Wax Canvas Refresher Kit
Product image 3Otter Wax Canvas Refresher Kit
Product image 4Otter Wax Canvas Refresher Kit

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Moop bags are designed for daily wear and tear but, like any natural fiber fabric, cotton will take on stains if you encounter the unexpected coffee spill, or wine stain or any of the other myriad of things that can happen during life's daily adventures. When this happens, we wash with Otter Wax Canvas Cleaner then refinish with Otter Wax fabric wax.  This kit gives you all the tools to clean up your bag and add a fresh coat of wax.


1 bar or wax
1 bottle of canvas cleaner
1 tampico cleaning brush
1 wooden smoothing/finishing paddle

DIRECTIONS: Using the included Tampico Cleaning Brush and a bowl of cool water to create a deep cleaning foam with the canvas cleaner for spot-cleaning your waxed, oiled, or untreated fabrics. • shake the canvas cleaner before each use • apply with brush or soft cloth • scrub directly into desired area • wipe clean with a dry, lint-free cloth • allow item to dry completely.  

Next, using the wax bar, rubbing in circular motions will create the right amount of heat to soften the wax and spread evenly into the top layer of fabric. You can also use a hair dryer if you want added heat. This is intended as a re-waxing agent for our cotton waxed canvas • thoroughly clean and dry your bag before applying the wax • rub into fabric to create friction • smooth out with the wooden paddle included in this kit to create a uniform finish • allow item to cure in a warm, dry place for at least 24 hours • reapply as often as necessary


canvas cleaner | Net Wt. 5oz  |  Made in Portland, Oregon
re-waxing bar | Net WT. 2.25oz | Made in Portland, Oregon

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