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Pop Up

April 21, 2016

 Moop studio

This mess is going to look so much prettier by tonight. (Come by! 4-8pm for our pop up shop!!) And, by this time next week, this mess will have been transplanted into a new, gorgeous space that we are so so so excited about and one we hope to stay in for a while (srsly…i want to be done with this moving business). Can’t wait to see you tonight and absolutely cannot wait to share the details on the new space as we settle in!! xoxox and make this friday awesome by going to all of the @fulltimepgh events! Lawrenceville has got a ton happening: @saplingpress @bootstrapdesignco @garbella @wildcardpgh @pageboypgh @strawberryluna and also head over the south side for the @troikaskate skate competition (you might catch a glimpse of my lovely daughter helping out with that event!).