The Future is Now

Hello from mid winter! While the last few weeks in the studio have been rather busy, I’ve let the rest of my life be entirely the opposite. I’ve been working reasonable hours, taking weekends off, photographing the good light in my tiny apartment, trying to give space to the moments when my creative brain wants to be front and center. I’ve been resting. I’ve been riding my bike. I’ve been going on dates, searching out the best jian bing in Seattle (it’s actually in Portland), watching movies, cooking at home, dreaming about tropical vacations, listening to that one Moderat song on repeat, re-reading Commonwealth, dreaming about life in other cities while attempting to settle into my life in Seattle. There are so many things I hope to do this year. So many things that I’ve spent the last fifteen years building and changing and learning that make me want to start defining what I want my roots to look like. Have you ever honestly done this for yourself? I feel like I’ve been swept away for the last twenty five years, having done so many fantastic things but with no real goal towards what this life would look like twenty years after. I’ve just responded to things as they arrive. I’m really good at that. But, I’ve done it without a real understanding to how they would pan out. And here I am. now. Looking at where I want to be somewhere in the imagined future. Thinking of all the events that led me here. The choices I made. The things I created and the ones that just happened. Burst pipes, park weddings, beanstalks. Columbus, Ohio. Virginia. Idaho. Fort Reno shows on the lawn in DC, the phone booth at Pulaski. Chickens. Late nights in the darkroom, 2am coffee at the diner in Fairfax, summer camp in central Vermont, rope swings on the Connecticut River, the milky way on the peninsula, David loving Britney Spears, folding straps, pleating Market Bags, falling in and out of love. again and again. Oysters in Conneaut, campfires in my backyard, Jesse and Jeffy, peach pigeons, rooftop birthday parties, Thanksgivings during transitional states.
Green eyes.
Blue eyes.
And suddenly you realize, you’ve just kind of ended up with a life beautifully in process.


We’ve been working to restock some favorites in the studio these days. It’s our very slow season, giving me time to regroup, restock, think about where I’ve been and where I want to go next. It’s amazing what allowing time to rest can do and undo for you.

There’s a fresh round of Tiny Zips in both sizes, in five colors, in stock, ready to ship.
Orange Crush and Oxblood!

Paperbacks in Shark, Fruitsnack and Canoe are back in stock and ready to ship (finally!) I have not had time to create new photographs for this bag so for now, there’s me in Detroit and Natalie in my old backyard, with some of my favorite photographs of one of our all time favorite bags.

The Carrier in Charcoal, made from my favorite new material, in the perfect color of mushroom gray, in a very versatile size with those useful briefcase handles and interior organization.

The Laptop Bag which, again, I need a new name for because it truly is the absolute best bag to carry on its own or inside a larger bag. But, calling it a laptop bag just doesn’t truly represent how versatile and cute this bag is to carry on its own. I take this when I go to work at the coffee shop or at my neighborhood bar, which I do sometimes when I’m editing a thousand photos and need a change of scenery so I don’t distract myself with all the minutia of my office space. 

Lastly, a sale!  Because it’s our slow season and we need the assist. Use the code FUTUREPLANS for 15% off your entire order. Starting now, ending in the future. Haha. Sorry. Always with the jokes. Ending on Monday morning, where I’ll be having my favorite jian bing in Portland, Oregon, working on some future plans.


The Future is Now