New Year Good Energy + Kind Strangers

Hello from home! One of the few things to bring me tiny internal sparks for what has become my only sometimes happy seattle heart, is the person who twice offered to carry my boxes for me as I struggled with four thousand bags and a door lock that somehow has to be turned fourteen times before it unlocks. Very secure. Anyway, he’s probably just a kind hearted person with a thoughtfulness toward strangers who saw someone carrying too many things, while still trying to open a door, without setting anything down. But, it meant a lot. Anyway, I also received very affirming texts late on Tuesday from the last person I spent a weekend with, which was actually eight months ago and while he didn’t cause this, a string of people prior to him and one friend after him, paired with a series of challenging work things actually snuffed out my light this year and I’ve been very avoidant of anything or anyone attempting to compromise my existence with harm or my livelihood with dishonesty so this whole confluence of recent things is, thankfully, re-igniting a tiny flame on this Bic lighter that’s had its safety ripped off with a tiny pair of needle nose pliers and I am BACK baby!

2023 is going to be incredible. 

All of the hard work from the last many years is starting to pay off. Most of us have been in a state of flux since this whole mess began, allowing ourselves to be flexible in lifestyle shifts we haven't necessarily chosen. We've all been on the learning curve of an evolving existence. It’s hard work to make real lasting change happen…and the work we’ve all been doing to respond to it all is starting to take hold. I’m excited for it. I hope you are, too. In the meantime, I’m on vacation for a few more days and in my only attempt at passive income - which we all know is literally impossible when you make actual things for a living - I’ve set up a sale for the remainder of my staycation week. As you all also well know, I am very wordy and every single thing on has a VERY thorough description with everything from the fabric it’s made of, to why it will bring magic into your day to day, so I will be attempting to not answer emails for the next five vacation days because I’ve already given you the information you need and I’m just gonna watch those orders roll in, passively from the couch, ignoring that my first day back at work will be very busy. We’ll start shipping late next week.

Until then, I’m piled under blankets surrounded by eighteen unread weeks of real actual physical New Yorkers, drinking manhattans and rewatching Knives Out because my acupressurist told me that my body needed rest so I am just following orders and I cannot answer emails during this time.

Enjoy these days bebes. We’re all finding our truths, establishing our systems and trying to ride our bikes.
So much love and New Year energy.

Wendy & co.

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p.s.!! I’ve also opened up a presale on that very instantly popular Tote no.1! We’ll start production on these late next week and they should start shipping by end of January. These are rather tricky to make so I’ll be limiting the presale to a small batch.
Get one while you can!

New Year Good Energy + Kind Strangers