What Kim Kardashian is Thankful for

The last year has brought many moments of trying to find myself again. Some truly insane things have happened — to me, probably to you, definitely to the world at large. Celebrities showing their unhinged scary selves, billionaires doing the same, Twitter going down in flames, snow in Seattle, Joan Didion dying which, when that happened.... I, like so many of you, bought every Didion book I could find and every night, when I climb into bed, with a tower of partially started novels on my bedside table, planning to read all of Joanie’s words, feeling a little embarrassed bc I’ve never read Didion before and I know I should have by now, but instead I find myself drifting away to look at Instagram and see Kim Kardashian write things like, “this thanksgiving I’m very thankful for all the people I met in prison” and it all just makes me feel so confused about how I get so distracted and what we’re all actually doing anyway and confirms that I should not try to learn to be on TikTok and how oversaturated our visual spaces are these days and what is it actually doing to all of our brains but also feeling so incredibly grateful for the internet and the magic it has produced in my own life and the lives of the entire world which just adds to confusion of how something so good can get so convoluted and change things so much in every possible direction. Then I put my favorite Ten Ten mug of chamomile tea on my bedside table and pile a bunch of bag blankets on top of me bc it’s sunny, cold, dark, raining and snowing here. Which I’ve come to understand as “winter” in Seattle…basically, everything happening all at once and it all takes some getting used to. But here we are, I’m making bags, you’re doing what you do, we’re all using the internet, watching what’s happening in the wider world and wondering how it will impact us. Then, if you’re like me, another Friday will come around, you’re eating pomme frites at your favorite bar, positioning yourself in the seat most possible to stare out to the Puget Sound, drinking a Negroni, hoping to see a whale swim by, which you know is highly unlikely but the idea that real life magic like that could happen, adds to your perpetually dreaming heart.

p/s/ remember when every restaurant in america rebranded french fries as Pomme Frites??? What a time to have been alive. Anyway, happy Friday. Buy some bags and maybe a few things to go in them.

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p/p/p/s this is how I typically write on instagram and last night I ran out of energy to edit it down to the required number of characters to fit over there so, we are here now. Or, here we are now. Or, now we are here. I’ll stop now. Here’s a photo of the Puget Sound.

 waxed canvas carrier

What Kim Kardashian is Thankful for