Seeking the good light

I spent Sunday morning re-reading blog posts and newsletters from the last two and a half years. Taking the time to reflect on what I do, how I’ve talked about it and how far we’ve all come has been rather cathartic. The last year and a half since relocating has thrown me into a bubble of sorts. The scaling back to rebuild in a new city has meant I’m not interacting with very many people on the daily, which has affected my own personal interpretation of how well I am or am not doing. I am an extrovert -and- I have a huge work load. Those two things combined, being new in a place notorious for the Seattle Freeze, has meant I’m not talking to enough people and it is affecting me deeply. As a verbal processor, my solutions driven brain, creative practice and daily well being comes from talking with other humans, about all sorts of things. In a strange turn, I’ve found myself isolated in a different way than the height of the pandemic. The big giant saving grace in all of this is the privilege of being close to my daughter this time around, paired with the successful business rebuilding that is deep in process and... the West Coast light. 

There is a different energy in the setting sun on this side of the country. I was raised on the East Coast, with early soft sunrises, wide sandy beaches, frosty winters and humid summers. These experiences are deeply ingrained in my being. As I’ve explored the West Coast light, it’s opened up a new way of framing things and helped me to embrace this current (temporary🤞) solo state. The new Winter/22 release is all about the good light and the quiet moments. I traveled to the Oregon Coast for misty mornings, wood stoves and sea creatures. I staged late afternoon parties in my tiny apartment and I sought out the brightest strongest West Coast light I could find. I’ve started scheduling my Sunday Dinners so we get to experience the 4pm sunset as the light turns strong and golden, the marine layer having evaporated by this point in the day, giving us extra clear skies when we’re not being blessed with rain. The brief intensity of that late day light has made me start taking the time to stop and enjoy it. Seeking daily magic always, helping me to love the here and now✨🌞🦩✌️🛸🏔🌞✨

I am particularly excited about the new Laptop Bag, the Porter in Charcoal, the chapstick pocket in The Wayfinders, all of the new skin care items that help on those gray winter days and the ceramics made by one of my favorite people on the entire planet.

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So much love and so much gratitude,


Seeking the good light