I just verbally wrote, in my head, a long diatribe about misplacing a book. About how you can never actually loose a book, because the book is always with you 🥹and then I actually couldn’t find the book that I had barely started reading and definitely was not even in me yet, but I was telling myself could not be lost because I could see in my minds eye when I last had the book. 
Only, I wasn’t finding it. 
So I had to just admit that I might’ve just lost the book. 
Then I walked back into the bed area of my 430 square foot apartment, behind my very modern and expensive bookshelf that acts as a holder of books and a divider from the couch area to the bed area, both of which live in the cooking area. And there was my book, sitting on my bed. How you loose things in such small spaces, I do not know. But I achieve it far too often these days.

Lucky for you, I’ve been working on a whole series of small updates to bags with things like tiny chapstick pockets so you don’t loose those little things, bags for laptops, Tiny Zips in Black Wax and redesigns of tote bags that I love. And, in a nod to the earliest days of Moop, or simply because I still do not know very many people in my new home town, I modeled a lot of the bags this season. I literally design, produce, photograph, model, pack and ship each and every bag that comes out of our shop. Somehow, I’ve managed to maintain the same size business as before I left Pittsburgh, but I also know this is the main reason why I am loosing books and phones and chapsticks and my mind most days. My solution driven brain is working to course correct (I’ve finally hired a few great assistants). My creative brain is solving immediate needs and my ever optimistic dreaming brain wanted to buy a bar in western Massachusetts last weekend. And that, friends, is how the neurons fire over here at Moop HQ.

I’m late launching everything this year because, for the first time in Moop history, I have traveled to see my extended family for Thanksgiving and my younger brother just told me that my book story was boring and proceeded to tell me about how he slipped while jumping out of an Osprey on a training mission, went into a spiral a million feet up in the air, pulled himself out of it, then released his chute to land safely on the ground. Basically, we’re leading very similar lives. Here’s a video of me wearing bags and a link to all of those new bags. Enjoy these days. Mine is filled with family I have mostly not seen in fifteen to twenty years. Wish me luck! And hoping the same for you.

Wendy & co.

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