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Many Thanks!

Hello + Happy Thanksgiving!   

I am filled with gratitude this year.
We have had many life changing events happen.  Some were challenging to work through, others were exciting, and one was heartbreaking.  I believe that all of these have helped to make us stronger, added to our life experience and hopefully made us more in tune with the things that matter.  Moop is one of those things near and dear to my heart.  It is what I have devoted my days to for the last seven years.  Through the generous support and belief all of you have shown to me, I have been able to grow Moop from a project of one to an endeavor for many. In the past year we have grown from three people, to five.  As all of you help us spread the word about Moop, we are able to see slow and steady growth and create more meaningful jobs.  

The opportunity to build a career for myself has been so very exciting.  But, the opportunity to use Moop to create jobs for not just myself but, all those who have worked for Moop over the years is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever taken on.  

So, from me, Jessica, Gena, Drew, Jesse and Clyde (the kitty), we send you many many thanks.

In appreciation, we're having a sale from now through December 3rd. 

Use the code: MANYTHANKS for 10% off your entire order at moopshop.com

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