Mark your calendars!

Hiya! We are super so much looking forward to Thanksgiving next week.  It is my most favorite holiday.  I have been spending the last few weeks planning our menu, perfecting the Thanksgiving cocktail, inviting friends and family and just looking forward to having those I love share this favorite day with me.  And, since we'll likely be pretty quiet next week, I wanted to let you know about a few upcoming events we have planned.  Also, be sure to join the mailing list for any other last minute announcements (wink wink).

First: We have watched Handmade Arcade grow and grow over the last 10 years so, we are super duper excited to be helping with that by sponsoring their amazing event on December 7th.  If you're in Pittsburgh, you should clear your day to spend Saturday, December 7th shopping the wares of talented makers from Pittsburgh and beyond.  We'll also be setting up a booth where you can buy our bags, enter our Handmade Arcade Giveaway and meet all of us!  It's going to be great fun.  I will be there with all of my amazing assistants so, definitely come by, say hello and pick up a Moop bag!

Second:  We are having our annual holiday Pop Up Shop in our studio on December 14th.  This is going to be the most fun.  We will have our entire collection available plus seconds, special editions and a bunch of smaller gift type items.  We'll also have cocktails and coffee and other small treats...!!  We really hope you'll come to our studio, see where your bags are made and spend the afternoon with us.

Third:  Have you heard about Makers Monday on December 2nd?  We are super excited that someone so influential as Shinola has started this trend.  While we rely greatly on sales during the holiday season in order to keep our tiny business in a position to keep on making and keep on creating jobs, we also don't like the hype and panic that Black Friday promotes.  We really really believe in giving thoughtful, well meaning gifts during this time of year (or anytime of the year).  For us, that means gifts that support other makers of super great things.  I've written about this before and I just want to reiterate it because it is a subject near and dear to my heart.  I have pledged to support small independent makers on Makers Monday and I hope you will, too.  I'm planning on posting a holiday gift guide of sorts over the course of the next week so you're prepared to find some amazing gifts for your friends and family on December 2nd.  The act of finding something special then giving it to someone I love brings me so much, I'm looking forward to sharing a few of those things with you!