Process + Events


We have had an exceptional response to the new Backpacks!!! THANK YOU!! 

We are sewing and sewing all of the new colors and should begin shipping them by Friday. I know it's a few days longer than anticipated please accept my apologies for the slight delay.

As most of you know, we make every Moop bag, start to finish, in our studio...which means we make every step of every bag beginning with cutting fabric from large bolts, stitching each individual piece, making all of the connector rings, leather tabs, attaching rivets and snaps, cutting, stitching, marking, correcting, snipping, packing...every single step is done in house, by us. As of today, it looks like the new Backpacks will begin shipping on Friday.  yay!




For those of you in Pittsburgh, please come see us at Trade Union this Saturday at The Mine Factory.  We're setting up with Reiko Yamamoto Studio and can't wait to see our bags alongside Reiko's beautiful tableware.  Reiko's ceramics are all handcrafted in her home studio.  Her aesthetic is delicate and considered and modern and perfect.  I own a Reiko coffee cup and it receives preferential treatment in my house.  Hope to see you Saturday! Event details here.