Chickens and Paperbacks and Free Shipping

Hello Friday!
Last week brought baby chicks into our life.  My daughter spent 5 summers at an idylic summer camp on an organic working farm in the mountains of Vermont.  They swam in the lake, slept in open air cabins, used no electricity, heated their water with solar power, tended to the farm and gardens, cared for farm animals and hiked through the amazing wilderness.  It was a very formative experience for her.  When we moved to the country last summer, she embraced it with open arms as if to say: finally!, I’m home.  The best part about having children is seeing them find who they are.  I never thought we would have animals other than our house kitties.  But, here we are, embarking on a new adventure of backyard chickens.  Parker joined Future Farmers of America and is very excited for this process.  Not to worry, I will keep you abreast of our backyard chicken collection the whole time via Instagram.



While Parker was doting over chickens, I was working on a few Moop bags.  We made some updates to The Paperback and the Tiny Clutch collection.  I’ve been carrying the new version of The Paperback in blue.  It has joined me on several date nights, a release party, the grocery store (real exciting), a few scouting excursions for new studio space (this actually is real exciting) and to pick up chickens!  This bag is versatile.  I’ve also been carrying Tiny Clutch no.3 inside my Backpack (which I carry to the studio each day with my laptop).  It’s filled with the little things that I move from bag to bag: chapstick, tissues, business cards, ponytail holders, other junk.  

Hope you’re off to an exciting spring weekend!  We’re planning on sunny skies, campfire cookouts and lakeside jogging (p.s. my assistant Jess is running the Pittsburgh Marathon next weekend…think of her and root her on while you sit in your jammies with coffee!  We’re refraining from bringing sweets to the studio to help her win.).


p.p.s. let’s do free shipping this weekend….because of chickens and bags and exercise and mountain lakes and spring time and cookouts and just because.  Seriously, though..thanks for helping our teensy tiny business grow.  It means everything to me.  Use the code:  CHICKENSHIP for free shipping to the US and Canada** from now until the end of April: 4/30/14.   


**Free shipping to the US is via UPS Ground service.  Free Shipping to Canada is via USPS International First Class Mail.  Code is valid only on and will be active until midnight EST, 4/30/14.