An audio Interview


In February I wrote about the fantastic entrepreneurial resource put together by Jen & Omar from These Are Things and Chris Guillebeau from The Unconventional Guides - I contributed an audio and a text interview to the companion and Chris just released the audio file of my interview.  If you want to hear me talk at length about how I started Moop, why I value process and how an art practice informs what I do then download this to your itunes library and listen to it on your drive somewhere.  It's about an hour and the audio begins a little jumpy but, comes together fine (it was recorded via a Skype interview).  And, if you love it, you should consider purchasing the guide.  I purchased my copy a few months ago and spent a week listening to every interview and reading the guidebook from start to finish.  If you have little to no experience and want to start a business, this is a super great resource.  If you think you have a lot of experience, you will likely still learn a lot from this publication.  I am always looking to learn from those around me, never believing I have all the answers.  We all come to conclusions via a collection of daily experiences - ones that involve our relationship to the world around us which in turn, forms who we are.  There is much to be learned every day so, keep yourself open to it. 

You can purchase Designed to Sell, here.