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my favorite bag

I am often asked what my favorite bag is. Currently: The Backpack no.1 - I carry this bag daily. Also, I’ve been photographing myself a lot more lately. When I began Moop, I only used myself as a model. A few years in (and a few years on) I stopped liking how I looked in front of the camera…or, I became bored with my own image..and started working with a few other people…all people I liked and had a chemistry with. I learn a lot from that. But, I’m in a rebuilding stage and am finding myself again in front of the camera, remote in hand (it’s in every image, can you find it?). Also, I joined okcupid for like a week because the only people I meet are those who walk in my studio and it’s 2015 and I think that’s how people do it now…found almost no one worth talking to..got stood up once..received a thousand weird messages…wasted a lot of time…found one person who seemed like a good match but, according to Facebook we know about a million people in common so maybe we should just meet in real life like in the olden days…then, I deleted my account and decided I was done with trying to be so contemporary. ugh.


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