I’m so excited to announce that we are now including a tiny visual into our daily process inside every Moop package over $50 that ships out our door. We picked up one of those insanely addictive Instax cameras and I immediately got so excited about physical photographs again!

Every image I currently make lives in the digital realm within our website, instagram or facebook.  I first came to understand process by working in a photographic darkroom. I printed and printed and printed, learning the nuances of visual imagery, tone, color, balance, composition and detail.  These skills led directly to the career I have made for myself. The process of making a Moop bag is so important to the bag itself (and so important to me).  Process is one of the main reasons my whole company exists.  I took my training as a photographer and artist and applied it to my practice of making bags and building a business.  I stitched and stitched and stitched every single bag learning about design, proportion, construction, equipment, technique, durability and business over the course of the last 8 years.  And, while I talk about this and what it means to me a lot on the blog (here and here for example), I am excited to share a little moment of the process of each day with every person who buys one of our bags.  Every morning we’ll photograph some moments of our studio and production and those will go into that day’s shipments.  It’s like a real life instagram in almost real time.  I’m excited to share these tiny moments of our studio practice and hopefully remind you that when supporting Moop, you are supporting a small team of artists and makers who are proving that you can small batch manufacture high quality products in a great working environment without compromising quality or aesthetic.  And, it’s fun.