messing up and fixing it

This is the bag I fucked up yesterday. I stayed late to make an entire new set so we would have some of these for the PopUp at Society for Contemporary Craft on Saturday (10-3! Be there!). I can’t wait to start training our new stitcher next week so I can have some help with production. And, I can’t wait to hire again in a few months so I can grow our in house team back to its normal size. On a side note, to which I won’t elaborate too much: I’m shifting most everything back in house again…all I can say is whattayear! I’m glad to be refocusing and am so happy to have met the ladies in Portland who I admire so much…even though they won’t be making all of our bags (still a few though), they are some of my most favorite new people on the planet. So, yay for Pittsburgh and small manufacturing and Moop bags and learning curves and constant change and pop up shops and spring time and my favorite coffee mug from Up In the Air Somewhere and tank top weather and picnics and friends and travel plans and everything, all of it, yay.
xoxo, wendy