Hello, Sunday!  I just can’t tell you all enough how full of happiness and sparks and hearts in my eyes and excitement for this summer that I am.  I’ve had such a flood of people come into my life …some new…some old and it is just so so wonderful to feel excited about where I live, what I do, how I got to this point and who I get to do it all with.  Many of you surely remember how upside down this last year or two has been for me and for Moop and well, the tides are shifting in such a positive way.  So, to celebrate all of the forward progress that’s been going on and all the happy heart eyes in the world (and I know I’m setting myself up for some loooong sewing days in doing this), let’s have a holiday weekend sale!!!  10% off with the code: HEARTSHAPEDSUMMER  Hope y’all are off to some weekend cookouts with friends and family and good times all around.  Enjoy the sunny skies!