I hate to start a good Friday off with something negative but, I need to make a PSA. We use UPS to ship all of our packages, except for international and a few small tiny clutches. I have been so so so happy with UPS. Our drivers are always the best people to interact with, the service is always good, in the 6 years I’ve been using UPS they have lost maybe and handful of packages (the post office would loose 1 in 10 packages…which is why we switched). Filing a claim was easy, most of the time they were able to locate a package, and did I mention we loved our drivers so much…like, they became part of the Moop team (i'm looking at you Jason).

But, UPS has started this new program called UPS My Choice. On paper this seems like a great idea. It allows you as the customer to say - hey UPS! Hold my package! I won’t be home to get it! Which is convenient. But, the thing I just learned and that I’m sure every single one of you who uses this service does not know: When you sign up for the My Choice service, you waive your rights to every reason why we use UPS as our shipping provider. If they loose a package, it’s on you, the customer…you cannot file a claim for that package because in signing up for the service, you’re saying, “I waive my right to filing a claim if UPS looses my package.” This also means, you cannot file a claim for the insurance reimbursement. This puts me, the small business owner, in a terrible spot. In the past, we would simply send out a new product to the customer and file a claim with UPS to be reimbursed for the lost item. But, the My Choice program means I, the business owner, also cannot file a claim. So, we not only loose the cost of the item we shipped but, we also have to replace the package. Keep in mind - Moop is not a mass manufacturer. We produce a lot with our small adorable team but, we’re not running on BIG BUSINESS profits…we are a teensy teensy company. This is the very thing that makes it hard for small businesses to succeed. I feel pretty bummed because I have been the one to sing the praises of UPS for years and years. But, this very clearly is a big business taking advantage of the customer. So, just wanted to share what I learned about this program and encourage all of you to not use the UPS My Choice service. It sux for everyone except UPS.

p.s. i'll post some pretty and fun photos later to make up for this bummer of a post.