somedays we all end up in stripes. somedays (most days, actually), i am so filled with happiness for where the universe has brought me that i feel like my little heart is going to explode and stars are going to shoot out my eyeballs. i know i’ve been talking a lot about the universe lately. i am not, by any means, a religious person. but, i am someone who believes in doing things. and, when you do things out in the world, interacting with other people and places and things, lots of good and interesting things begin to happen. and lots of incredible people will cross your path. it feels to me like everything i’ve been working for, ever since my little kiddo was born 17.5 years ago, has led me to this place of such gratitude and happiness and excitement for how i get to spend my days and who i get to spend them with. these two continually make me happy. i could not have asked for better people to join me at Moop each day…and, to become my friends outside of Moop, too! We hatched a plan for Saturday’s photoshoot over cocktails a few weeks ago and it could not have gone any better. i love them. i love Andrew Buda for photographing and I love @snuggledouglas and @jessecaggiano for modeling and representing @troikaskate (another fantastic Pittsburgh company you all should know about!) and I love Lexi and Theresa for helping me do what I do. I’ll share all those photos real soon!