This is the story of how The Market Bag came to be

Hello! Almost nine years ago, while working in my studio, I was stitching a dress. It was going to be the perfect dress...there were pintucks...a simple a-line..a pleat or two. But, I did not know how to stitch a dress.  I didn't really even know how to sew.  I was working rather organically, responding to the material as it happened. Then I got frustrated and left the project lingering for a few weeks.  In late November of that year (2006), I found that sad dress, played around with it some more, turned it in on itself, stitched up the sides, attached a handle and made what would become our first Market Bag, not knowing at the time that I was developing a signature product for a brand that I had not yet invented.  A few months later, I started Moop.  For the first 6 months I only sold The Market Bag in Sage. I learned how to run a business during this time…how to sew…how to manufacture a product…how to have to build a to take everything I was already doing and everything I had dreamed about and turn it into what I get to do everyday...and what I get to share with everyone who works with me at Moop HQ and what I get to enjoy in seeing all of you carry our bags all over the world. 

The other day, while rummaging through my fabric archive, I came across some sage green canvas similar to what I had originally used.  I decided to stitch up a special edition set of Market Bags in Sage and they’re now available in the shop.  There will not be more of these as I only have a limited amount of fabric so get them while you can.

Hope the rest of your week is awesome.



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