Image makers


As many of you know, we just released a brand new Backpack no.2. I’ve been working on this design for almost a year and I learned so much along the way. I’ve had a pretty clear vision of how I wanted the imagery to be, but I knew I could not do it myself. I really wanted everyone who is a part of the day to day at Moop to be a part of the visual representation. So I decided to work with Andrew and Lexi Buda of heredwelling.  Lexi works with me part time at Moop…all the rest of the time she is a photographer and stylist with her husband Andrew. Together, they run heredwelling.  Andrew and Lexi make a pretty amazing team and the work they have produced for Moop is some of my favorite ever.  I’ll be posting images from the photoshoots we did for the new Backpack over the course of the next few weeks. Be sure to check out their work and hire them for your next event or product launch. They’re some of my most favorite people. xoxo

and, this is one of my favorite images! Dave (who owns Troika Skateboards) and Jesse (a talented artist and illustrator who also works at Moop:…both with our Backpacks. This is also the image Jesse used to illustrate one of our new Pocketbooks (and which Dave printed)...have you seen those little notebooks yet??