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Studio Practice

MoopHQ...been thinking a lot about space and the importance of the right space lately. I've bounced around a lot over the years as I've tried to consider my work and personal life and how those two co-exist. I've had my studio in my house, an hour from my house and something that looks like half way between. every space has served an important purpose or helped me to learn and grow. I'll be moving on from this perfectly adorable cozy space soon. it has been the most important transitional space of the last few years with the most incredible landlord I've ever had...truly the best human. but, it's too small for our little shop. I'll fill in with all the exciting details as the date gets closer. but, a true long term balance is so close. finally.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

I'm sick in bed this weekend...hoping to be somewhat better for the coming work week.


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