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Hello Friday! Yesterday was crazy all over the place. The Seconds Sale is pretty much all sold out (there might be like one lone Carrier in gray still available but, seriously, y’all are amazing! I’m going to be packing boxes for the next week solid). In between packing and everything else, I stepped over to the @coterie_company space in the gorgeous Frick building for the @downtownpitt Annual State of Downtown report in which I was asked to speak on a panel about the new wave of retail in downtown Pittsburgh (bc i’m kind of an anomaly here) and when I agreed, I was like, ya, sure, i can do that. Completely not knowing that my schleppy self would actually be speaking in front of 200 professional suits, including the Mayor…and, so, I did the only thing I know how…wore black, talked my adult intelligent talk and then tried to make jokes on stage. I had a headset on. come on. i had to. everyone who knows me, knows I’m not funny..but, if you give me a microphone, or a chair on a stage, or a platform or a soapbox, I’m gonna say all the words I’m thinking…i’ll try to make it smart but, the occasional quip is bound to happen. So, hopefully all those downtownies loved what I had to say! And, after I snuck out of that event, I went over to the @thecmoa for the amazing Iris Van Herpen show and was inspired…and reminded of the work I did during my undergraduate studies..and in an instant scrolled back through the last 20 years of my life and saw what led me to where I am today. It was a trip. And...on that note! Hope your Friday is full of inspiring moments and love and all of the adventure. And, if you find yourself downtown in need of emergency cocktail tools, we have a small collection of cocktail glasses in the shop. They’re all so pretty and I want to take them home with me but, I’m also packing boxes at home and do not need more glassware to wrap in paper before I move…plus, I got them for you all! Stop in! We’re here ’til 6. xoxo! wendy.

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