A new leather free option!

vegan tote shopper no.2

Oh, hai friday! just writing to let you know, at the request of so so many of our favorite customers, we added a new option to the Shopper no.2 and it's leather free! (some people call that the vegan option!) we made this in my favorite provincial blue corded canvas, lined in soft brushed cotton, with a heavy waxed canvas bottom and non-leather handles.  it’s available right now in the shop…i added it this morning while eating leftover birthday cake from @heredwelling ’s birthday, which is today but we celebrated yesterday because she is out of town today while her husband does a hundred mile bike race, which i also really want to do so, in honor of lexi and how much i love her and me not riding 100  miles (i only rode 11 yesterday), i ate some more cake. burnt almond torte. which is not vegan but is a pittsburgh classic. and so good.

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