Business Birthday + Pi Day

diner coconut cream pie

Hello from anxiety business birthday land!
We are watching the news very closely and things are evolving rapidly. As of today, there are still no reported cases in our fair city. We are an online based company and we make our product in house, but we do have a walk in retail store and we want to help control the spread. Unfortunately, our work is not the kind that can be done remotely so, in an effort to protect each of you who come into our storefront and each of us who work in our storefront, we will close the walk in shop beginning Monday to help mitigate any risk. It’s a small part that we can do to contribute to the efforts to control the spread. We are continuing to make&ship bags as a team and we are all being very conscientious of how we feel. We are a small team, so interpersonal communication is easy.

I’m feeling a lot of empathy for all of my small business friends-shops&restaurants alike. Personally, we are being hit from all sides as @jdlacroix works in food service. I’m ordering take out (including a tip!) so I can be a tiny contributor, but I’m otherwise working from home this weekend, trying to support as many people as I can with my personal online spending power and feeling so incredibly grateful for each of you who have chosen to make your purchases from Moop. It truly means the world to us. Tiny businesses will be the most visibly economically affected by this.

On a lighter note. This is one of the special edition bags we’ve added for our 13th Birthday celebration. The Backpack no.4 in waxed canvas because y’all have been bawling your eyes out for us to bring it back. And now it’s here! Also available in gray wax.
We took it to eat pie.
On PiDay.
For our birthday weekend.
LUCKYTHIRTEEN gives you 15% off your entire order.
Much love and appropriately virtual hugs and tons of gratitude,
Wendy & co.

p/s that new bag I alluded to is coming! I swear! I’ve been working on getting it online while also constantly refreshing the @NYTimes homepage, while also listening to every podcast, while also doing sun salutations every ten minutes so I don’t go totally bananas.

Business Birthday + Pi Day