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closing books


Good morning views. Last night we had a fantastic backyard cookout. This summer was an emotionally difficult one for me. Without being fully prepared for it, the weight of the last 2 years of my life hit me hard..and in unexpected ways. I had a lot of alone time which gave me, I think, the headspace to process it all. Aside from an unexpected moment earlier this week where I wish I had shown myself with much more grace than I did (acknowledging your own failure to present yourself well is humbling), I think I'm closing out the summer having worked through a lot of difficult things, closing the book on an old life and feeling like I'm in a good good place. I am headed into an exciting year where i will be focused on growing stages with Moop and getting Parker off to her next stage of life. Lots of good big things happening and last nights cookout was a solid marker of all the good things here and now. Lots of love here today❤️❤️ hope you're off to grand adventures this#labordayweekend xoxo, wendy

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