feeling better + art openings

waxed canvas messenger bag by Moop

Hello Friday! I’m feeling so much better. Spending today rephotographing some of my favorite bags, allowing myself the headspace to sort through some ideas, thought processes, plans, decisions, etc. I’ve been trying to allow myself to do everything, with everyone for the last few weeks (probably why i got sick…acting all teenage like) and while I was sick, the last day and a half has been nicely, quietly, at home (mostly at home). But, tonight I’m taking this Paperback, on my bike and headed down the the Downtown Pittsburgh Gallery Crawl to see the show of my friend @johnpenastudio And, in the meantime, I’m willing myself to be better, listening to all my favorite Smog albums and photographing bags, answering emails, etc. It’s a pretty nice Friday. Hope yours is, too. And, if I see you this evening…I’m not contagious..but, probably best we not kiss on the face. xoxo!

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