I know I said we would not have any other sales this year but, I didn’t realize we had one more Friday the 13th before we graduate into an ENTIRELY NEW DECADE!

I will wait until the year turns over,
when I am back in Pittsburgh,
when I have settled into the cold of winter,
when the light starts to disappear by 4pm,
and the ice lasts all day long,
and my espresso pot runs non stop,
to give a recap of this insane adventure I have pulled Moop into during this holiday season..and this entire year really.

I’ve involved so many new people and places and organizations and companies into how we do things, and being very frank, I have not loved or succeed at all of it. There have been some pretty sweet little wins and some massively humbling losses.

Small business is truly one of the most difficult lifestyles to commit to but, it is full of as many rewards as there are challenges and still, I have made it my career for the last 13 years. I expect to continue for as much longer, but man oh man have I learned a lot this year. I’ll just leave that teaser right here until I’ve had time to process and write and cull the good from the not so good of 2019.

In the meantime, we’ll kick in one more Holiday Season Friday the 13th SALE! And, while I don’t like scary movies, it can feel super scary to be humbled and vulnerable at the same time and be willing to move through it, rather than be debilitated by it. BUT, please please please know, that the bags ordered during this sale WILL NOT arrive in time for Christmas gifting. They likely will not arrive until the start of 2020. But, they will be some of the very first bags made in an entirely new decade!

Use the code: THIRTEENCATS for 13% off your entire order. 
(not a scary movie fan, so would never want you to type scary words like FREDDYKRUEGER or REDRUM....But, if you use any of those codes, you’ll still get 13% off ;)

millions of x’s and o’s from,
Wendy in Seattle