Full Hearts

birthday cake

My heart is full from the outpouring of support you all have shown us. This moment in time is so precarious and our business feels very fragile. My employees have all gone on unemployment and I have stopped paying myself. The UC fund is a fund that we, as employers, pay into, but I never thought it would have to be used like this. My own @jdlacroix was asked to do the same by his employer. So many small businesses like us, don’t have enough cash to last very long and still cover payroll, rent, insurance, service our debts and stay in business. So far, unemployment is the only place I’ve been able to carve out any relief. The response you all have shown us to this sale has been incredible and will buy us some time. YOU are our relief effort ❤️ Our INSTOCK inventory is currently being sold at a big discount in order for us to make it through this and lots of things are selling out.

Use the code: LUCKYTHIRTEEN for 25% OFF (also, please please note, this is to help us make it through this and we are not retroactively applying this to orders that have already shipped out, we’re just trying to stay afloat) I’m here working in the shop solo, packing up as many orders as I can each day.
Once I am through all of them, we’ll be in a holding pattern.
Like the rest of the world is.
Our hearts are full with the support you have shown us. There are so many small businesses that make up our collective worldwide community of creatively driven businesses and I hope we all make it through.
I’ll be posting 3-4 that I love each day over the course of this.
I’ll start in the comments because I’m overly wordy and I’m out of room. But, at the very least, give them an IG follow so you can keep up on their contributions to our great wide world.

Read on for the first batch🤗

BAG: The Work Tote in Grapefruit. I have a bunch of these in waxed canvas colors that are not on the website. DM me if you’d like to snag one during this sale.
LOCATION: Birthday cake celebrations shared with @moopshop and @laurajean.mc and just an overall sunny photo to brighten these weird weird days.


(UPDATE 4/6/20: the instock sale has ended. Click through to the main page for any current promotions)

Full Hearts