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This is what it looks like to spend your days stitching Moop bags. It’s a pretty great environment to be in. And, it’s entirely full of truths. We make bags. And, we make them here. Are we huge? not at all. we are tiny. And, we are reminded of our smallness every day. We do what we do and we work hard to do it well. I have built a pretty good thing over these last 10 years. And, I’ve literally worked through blood sweat and tears to do this. My life has changed a lot in that time. It has grown and evolved and my interests and long-term ideas of my future have evolved alongside those years. I’m trying to take steps to grow. It hasn’t been easy to find the support from the people who you would expect to support you. But, it’s just another layer of challenge. What I know for certain is to achieve the growth I’m asking for, it’s going to be harder than the first 10 years. I’m prepared. I might have my moments of weakness and act reactionary but, I’m only human. I’m sharing this in the same way I’ve been open about my whole entire small teeny tiny business building experience…because I’m hoping you’ll join me and help me turn this into something huge. It will happen because of the support each and every one of you has shown to me..to us..by carrying and sharing our bags for yourselves and with everyone you know. Thank you. Thank you a million times over. It has meant I have a job and those who work for me have jobs. And, if you stick with me, it will mean we contribute to a lot more jobs. I think we can all agree our economic climate needs more good jobs. So, help me make that happen! And in exchange, I will keep designing and making the very best bags.

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