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Market Bag

Hello Saturday! I’m sitting here about to head into the studio, having just sent off a few old friends who were passing through town, feeling so excited and happy to see the lives that have been built over the last 15 years, the happiness and dedication to a way of existing that doesn’t have to follow a norm, and the embracing of creative practice as a way of moving through life. It’s what I have built my life around, what my daughter is currently building her life around and what I get excited about when I am surrounded by others who have chosen to build in such a way. 

This was the very first Moop bag - The Market Bag - it is how I learned to run a creatively driven business, how to manufacture, how to be an employer and how to build an existence through a life of making things. It felt really good to be surrounded by a handful of humans doing similarly intentioned things in different parts of the country. And, it’s always great to see how old friends have grown into the same but more rounded wonderful humans. Lots of love right now! 

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