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Mask v.3 are open for PRESALE!

face mask


Mask v.3 pre-orders are now OPEN!

We had more challenges than we expected with supply chains, fabric stocks, etc, everything….covid literally affects our whole life, which just further reiterates the importance of wearing a mask. A mask helps me, it helps you, it helps your Gram & Gramps, so thank you for being a good one, and wearing one. 

The last two rounds of these sold out in less than 24 hours, writing today to let you know you should probably get an order in quickly! While we did open it up to sell a tiny bit more than the last two runs, it's not that many more. We're really trying not to bite off more than we can handle right now...because handling pretty much all of life is just a little harder than usual. It will still likely take us a few weeks to get these all made, but each subsequent run gets a little bit faster, with a few more production issues worked out, so we are optimistic! And knowing, we’re all going to need masks for quite some time, we are working even harder to get these shipped out the door as quickly as possible.

We’ve had a few weeks of wearing these for full workdays and with all of your feedback from the first few rounds, it's clear that we all pretty much love the ear loops version. Soft cotton lacing tied with a slip knot so you can adjust to the right fit. Available in three colors, or a three pack.

I am wearing the MIDNIGHT size regular mask.
Jesse is wearing the SAGE size large mask. 

face mask

In other Moop news: We are just about fully caught up on our intense backlog of bag orders. This will mean two things. 1: Our turnaround time for bags will soon get a tad bit shorter. (yay!) 2: We should hopefully be able to start working on some new designs (exciting!) and release the bag we made for our 13th Birthday, which was the same day the entire world shut down. But, before any of that happens, in just about two weeks, we will be relocating to a new, larger, better suited to larger scale production space. When the world shut down because of covid, I did not think we would be in business by my birthday (which was yesterday!). So, I started working on a business plan to diversify what we do and how we do it, in hopes that I could save the 13 years of literal blood sweat and tears that I have put into building this textile business that creates long term, steady jobs for very talented people. And, that plan is coming into reality. It is going to be an incredible amount of trust in the universe, trust in my networks and trust in my skillsets to make it fully fully successful. We are running on shoestrings right now. But, failure is just simply not an option. There are no safety nets here to catch us if the floor falls out from under us. And so, I’m just going to keep building new floors. Thanks for joining me on this crazy wild transparent small business journey.  Your support is 100% what is keeping our business IN BUSINESS right now, and that means the world to us.

So much love and mask making,


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