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the shopper

Hello, Monday! It feels like Tuesday! It’s been a hectic weekend! My daughter and I moved our entire house and we’re finally (almost) done. Down to the little bits and pieces that always feel like the hardest. Like, should I keep this stack of loose leaf paper that I’ve moved from my last three houses and is covered in a layer of basement dust but still completely unwritten on and could have a use one day that I avoided dealing with during my last move so i just moved it anyway but i really should just throw it away at this point in time. I mean, it’s wide ruled and we’ve definitely graduated to college ruled…you know, all that kind of stuff. The good news is, with every subsequent move, I have less and less stuff. So, within 3-4 more moves, I”ll be able to do it in just a few Moop bags. Like this Shopper no.1 shown above and the handful of Weekenders that we used to move most of our stuff over the course of the last few weekends. They’re solid bags! Really super useful!
Today we move our kitty. Hope your Monday is full of stability and routine and high fives all around.

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