My Dad Turns 80 + a sale!

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My Dad had the Eisenhower Highway System ingrained in his memory. Growing up, my family would take road trips up and down the east coast. Summer day trips to Ocean City, weekend camping in Virginia Beach, fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains, driving the full length of Skyline Drive to get buckwheat pancakes for breakfast at Big Meadows Lodge. There was one summer, it must have been about 1991, we drove to Cocoa Beach, Florida.  These were some of my favorite childhood memories. My parents were good at spontaneous weekend trips. It was not often we were away longer than an overnight. Probably because traveling with a van full of kids stopped being fun after 36 hours. We would always neeeeed to know how much longer until we would get to our destination. My Dad would always say, no matter how far away we were, 4 hours and 56 minutes. Then he would follow it up by telling us what mile marker we were at on the highway.  To this day, when traveling anywhere, he lets us know how far away he is by telling us the mile marker he is passing.  None of us know the system well enough to know where he is or when he will arrive, but we know the answer will be a number along whatever highway he is driving.

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He turns 80 next month and we’ve added these Mile Marker notebooks to the shop in honor of his birthday.  We decided to include the map, too.  The entire Eisenhower Highway System, beautifully designed for general reference of where you are in the world. Useful for those times when your phone dies or your signal is lost because you’re on the side of a swampy road in the middle of the night somewhere near Omaha and all you can see are 100 owls, only it doesn’t feel cool, it feels super spooky, or for when your boyfriend who boycotts modern technology and wants to use a paper map instead of the computer phone, or for when you want to teach your kids how to read a simple paper map. Keep it in your bag and the next time you load up your Weekender for an overnight away, try using the paper map to track your route. 

We are kicking off our summer of adventure this weekend with cookouts and bocce and long bike rides and hopefully sunny skies. To celebrate all things good, we’re having a sale!

Use the code: SUMMERSUPPLIES for 15% off your entire order.

We have so many new things, all designed for the perfect summer day.  Handwoven bag blankets (which double as a beach towel or picnic blanket, light enough to fit in your bag, pretty enough to make you feel very fancy, useful enough to feel like you’ll always want it with you), notebooks for sketching everything you see or journaling your days or making picnic grocery lists (there’s one that’s waterproof!) and sun block to protect from all the harmful UV’s. We’re throwing all these things inside a Work Tote and a Weekenderand headed out on as many weekend road trips as we can fit in. 

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My Dad Turns 80 + a sale!