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Old Friends

What a weekend!! Yesterday I met up with my high school best friend...we had not seen or talked to each other in almost 20 years. It was amazing! We learned we've been living our lives hovering around each other without ever knowing. And even though we have all of this connectivity in our lives, somehow neither of us ever found or crossed paths with the other. We were so close with each other during such formative years of our lives that we felt like sisters. So when we saw each other it was like no time had passed and all of eternity had gone by. Have you experienced that? It was really of those encouraging life moments that reaffirms the value of the kinds of relationships that are so much deeper than you could ever explain. So, just driving home feeling lots of good energy from Weekender in tow (I took almost no pictures but I loved this one from my hotel...makes me look like the traveling salesman💁)...hope your Sunday is filled with all good things!🌈❤️

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