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Hello Friday long weekend!

Those adventures we hoped for last weekend are happening this weekend. We are closing down for Labor Day - a day that means so much to us as small batch manufacturers, working in physical labor, spending all of our days stitching and stitching and designing and making and producing and stitching and stitching - and we’re all taking the weekend off. I’m short on words this morning as I’m juggling a million things to head out on a super early flight tomorrow morning for a very fast trip to go see my girl and hopefully see some whales and hopefully a hike in the mountains and to experience the farm she has been working on and hopefully eat some oysters. And we’re having a SALE!

Use the code: LABORDAYOFF for 15% off your entire order.

Keep checking back throughout the weekend as I’ll be attempting to add some of the other amazing things we have in the walk in store to the online shop while I am on the plane tomorrow morning…like the very best art books and we can hardly keep those Kinto Thermos’s in stock and The Paperback Mini in sage has been shipping all over the world and we just completed sets of the full size Paperback in Brown and The Carrier in Gray and have so many things in process always always always.

Enjoy your weekend! I hope you get to be with the people you love!

Wendy & co
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p/s this sale goes through 9/3/2018 ♡

p/p/s  8.5 million #americans work in retail sales or running the registers…so many many more that work in all the support positions that make retail happen. Most of those people will not have Monday off. We should change that…those who labor, should get the day off.