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Sold Out!

welp, y’all are amazing. 
We sold out the second batch of those teeny zip pouches within a few hours! 
There was one little tan one left early this morning when I woke up and by the time I poured my coffee, it was gone! There were A LOT of them this time! And, you bought them all! We’ll be packing and packing this week to get those all out to you. And, we have some hopes that by this coming Friday we’ll have another small run of the larger size, in a few different colors. If it happens, we’ll try to get them up next saturday morning which could potentially mean we could get them shipped to you in time for gifting. Let’s just play it by ear though…it’s gonna be a long week this week. 
I’m feeling a lot of gratitude for each of you and your enthusiasm for this collaborative project. It’s been rewarding to hear the response from all sides. Thank you! Hope you enjoy this chilly Sunday.

Wendy & co

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