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Like so many of you, I have felt a range of emotions this last week. My response has been one of just trying to do the work to preserve this little thing that provides a livelihood for me and for my small team. That through the work, I will find the solution, the answer, the way out. It’s how I have solved every challenge that has come my way. This one though, feels entirely out of my control. Out of anyone’s control. Making the decision to have my team go on unemployment sucked. The only positive, is that fund exists to provide something, and better to get something than nothing. Trying to utilize the tools available to help my guys get through so I can keep paying their health insurance. Now more than ever, we all need the assurance that we can go to a dr and not have to worry about insurance coverage.
Ive been packing up orders this week. I’m here now finishing bags and shipping them out. I’ll keep on until everything is out the door. And then I will turn our efforts to ways we can help beyond our own small world. I’m operating from the “if you don’t have your oxygen, you can’t help anyone else” mode. Because of all of you, we’ve been able to buy some time that will float us through. Those who can, have. And that’s been incredible to see. We will pay it forward in whatever way we are able. The interconnectedness of every small business to every large business to every individual is something we are all seeing right now. The whole world operates as a giant web of people doing things. Tangible, intangible, big, small, it all matters. We all need some comic relief from this and the internet has been an incredible resource for that. I’ve never been more grateful for tools like FaceTime and Gchat and every meme account on IG. Last night I had a virtual cocktail party with a handful of friends. I’ve been FaceTiming my daughter and our kitty. I’ve been listening to podcasts and laughing at memes and running a business and reading the news. Tools I think we all took for granted. What a strange beautiful wild wild world we live in.
In the comments are my small people to support for today:

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