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waxed canvas bag weekender

HELLO! We’ve been a little quiet over here this past week, such an emotional roller coaster we’ve all been on, eh? Maybe you’ve felt the same way? Weird year we’re all living through.
I’ll keep this short: the holiday season is about to arrive and while we are all struggling with how to keep the celebrations and sentiments safe and responsible, we also are in a unique place to make a concerted effort to SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS for all of our gift buying this year. Truly. Every major corporation will find a way to survive this, go in and out of bankruptcy, work the system and never actually have to close. But the small fries out there like MoopShop, we can’t weather this storm in the same way. We need each and every one of us to choose to support the things we want to see continue in the world. We’ve been working hard to stock up our inventories of face masks and our bag collection, available in our two winter colors solely named to invoke tiny laughs in the world: FRUITSNACK and SHARK. We have been curating a beautiful collection of other small brands that we will release sometime this week (keep an eye out for those). And special releases of limited edition things every week for pretty much the rest of the year. In the meantime, here’s a few things we love:

face mask
FACEMASKS are available in NINE colors and we all need them. Click here to stock up.

waxed canvas purse paperback

The Paperback has been a best selling bag for years! And the new FRUITSNACK and SHARK versions are no different. I’ve been carrying FRUITSNACK as a punch of color to my all black wardrobe. Click here to find both!

waxed canvas weekend bag

The Weekender is the perfect bag for car travel. Fill it up with everything you need for a day or two and head to the woods, the lake, wherever it is you find solace. I’m still biking the rail trails, even though it keeps getting colder. I load one up with a few extra layers, my bike helmet, a thermos for the ride and one for after, and a warm post ride sweater. Click here for two sizes!

That’s all today!

xo, wendy

p/s/ use the code: BABYSHARK for free US shipping from now until Tuesday, 11/17/2020 SHOP NOW!  (haha yikes srry that's gonna be stuck in your head now)

Support Small Business!