Thanksgiving 2016!

Good Morning, Thanksgiving!  Just writing to say how incredibly thankful I am for the support you have shown me over the years.  We have been making our bags in a seemingly ever changing string of studios from Western Massachusetts to a handful of locations in sunny Pittsburgh.  You have watched us grow and helped us build and reach a point where I…one, singular female business owner, have been able to build a business from literally nothing and turn it into something that provides a few really great jobs for a slew of truly amazing people.  I’m particularly excited this year to have opened our first brick and mortar retail store in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh where I can not only have a space for our bags but, also share the work of a small selection of other small batch makers of things that share the same business ethic as I do….and, whose goods and wares are a part of my personal daily life.    

This space also houses our production facilities so, when you join us in the shop, you’ll see your bags being made right in front of you.  It has always been important to me that the process of how things are made be made visible through Moop.  And, I’m drawn to other small batch makers who share that same studio practice.   A small collection of those brands are now available in our shop (and, almost all of them are female owned businesses!)…I hope you’ll enjoy them in your life as much as I have in mine.

Please enjoy 10% off, site wide,
from now through Tuesday, Nov 29th
with the code: ALLTHEGOODTHINGS 

And, I’m announcing all of this a bit early..or, rather, lumping it all into one full weekend….our Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc. etc. etc. will just be one long sale as a way for me to say thank you for supporting us for all of these years…and, I hope you get to spend the weekend with those you love most, doing the things you love best.

If you’re local to Pittsburgh, come visit us in the shop on Saturday, Nov. 26th, from 10-4.

Also, there are new things!!  We made a smaller version of The Weekender…we’re calling it the Weekdayer (just kidding! that’s a silly name).  It’s just The Smaller Weekender!  And, I think you’ll find it to be an immensely versatile bag.  

Also, also, we made some Paperbacks in that amazing oxblood waxed canvas.  We have not decided if we’ll do a second run of these because they’re a little tricky for us to stitch so, if you love that material in the Envelope Clutch…you’ll go bananas for the Paperback. 

Signing off for two days of cooking and cocktails and conversations and then back to work!

Much love and many many thanks,


Thanksgiving 2016!