The temperature is...

Jesse, Jeff and Emmett joined me back at the storefront on Tuesday. We’ve implemented all sorts of new protocols. We’re cleaning like crazy, hand washing a lot and wearing masks all day long. They’ve taken over our bag production and shipping from me so I can focus on working and re-working the mask prototype. I want to be sure we send you the best one we can make. I’ve been testing out a variety of ear loops and head straps and mask shapes and 1/2 inch adjustments to the sizing to ensure we get a good fit. I do not necessarily want to be a mask maker. But, it’s a way we can contribute our skill set to help mitigate the stress and anxiety and very real threat of Covid-19. It’s also giving us an opportunity to try and keep the jobs we currently provide and hopefully create a few more. Something that feels even more urgent with each passing day. New jobs are scarce across all sectors of the economy and I will fight to keep the ones we have. So, I’m happy that you all responded so well to our mask pre-sale. It will help us make our first quick hire and invest in some equipment to make our production process more efficient.
We’re also taking our temperature every morning upon arrival.
Mine is normal. 96.8.
The coffee however.. 👀🌡☕️
What else can we take the temperature of today🧐